Currently undergoing a remodel. Please come back soon.

A Note from the Publisher:

These last few years have been difficult. Rather than list the particulars, let’s just say entropy set in. But it is the nature of chaos that disorder must ultimately move toward order. This new order will involve Twelve Winters reinventing itself for the present reality. I originally created the press on a traditional model, but I’ve had to accept that the traditional approach is not suited for our current world: a place where reading literature is on the decline — in fact, practically in free fall. I’ve discovered that no amount of quality writing, attractive design, competitive pricing, variety of formats, gushing reviews, author readings, book signings, winning of awards, social-media promotion, and traditional advertising can budge enough readers to select our books to make the press anything close to solvent.

Nevertheless, I still believe the world needs great literature, and that great writers need a way to get their words into the world (whether the world wants them or not). So, over the next few months, I will be reshaping Twelve Winters into a different sort of literary thing (I’m still figuring it out myself). I know I have let writers down, and I regret that; but I haven’t forgotten you.

Thank you, sincerely and humbly, for your interest in Twelve Winters, in the past and the present. Please try to keep the faith, and to keep an eye out for a new version of Twelve Winters and its mission.

Ted Morrissey, author & CEO