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Twelve Winters Journal publishes narratives, broadly defined, with no aesthetic biases. All voices are welcome. All styles are welcome. Please see guidelines for more specific information.

Volume I

“Tritogeneia” by D. W. White (fiction)
“A Love Story” by Anita Kestin (fiction)
“The Robert Altman Dialog Instance” by G. W. Clift (fiction)
“Closed Captioning” by Edie Meade (fiction)
“rosalie” by Nicole Amador (fiction)
“Group Dynamics” by Sidney Haren (fiction)
“Mother among Her Things” by Priya Dileep (nonfiction)
“Escape from Paradise” by Sante Matteo (fiction)
“Portrait of a Staircase” by Ryan Jenkins (fiction)
“Merrill Stein: Wallace Stevens Scholar” by Greg Gerke (fiction)
“Creation Stories” by Christie Cochrell (fiction)
“The Bride in the Rowboat” by Dylan Brie Ducey (fiction)
“The Sound of Love” by Jim Fairhall (fiction)
“Vanishing Points” by Marc Dickinson (fiction)
“The Salinger Files” by Grant Tracey (fiction)
“Here’s a Story” by J. D. Schraffenberger (fiction)