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Twelve Winters Miscellany pieces are written in-house and by invitation. (Twelve Winters Journal publishes narratives and is open to submissions.)

Volume I

“Commentary on ‘Closed Captioning'” by Edie Meade
“Review of ISU’s ‘Good Kids'” by Ted Morrissey
“Commentary on ‘Here’s a Story'” by J. D. Schraffenberger
“The Eco of Conspiracy Theories” by Aswin Prasanth
“Commentary on ‘Trees Grow Lively on Snowy Fields'” by Stephen Haven
“Commentary on ‘Mother among Her Things'” by Priya Dileep
“Commentary on ‘The Salinger Files'” by Grant Tracey
“Commentary on ‘Portrait of a Staircase'” by Ryan Jenkins
“Commentary on ‘Creation Stories'” by Christie Cochrell
Commentary on ‘The Sound of Love'” by Jim Fairhall
“Review of ISU’s ‘Waiting for Lefty'” by Ted Morrissey
“Commentary on ‘The Bride in the Rowboat'” by Dylan Brie Ducey
“An Interview with Kij Johnson” by Asha Vose